How do we measure Friendship?

location Arts at the Old Fire Station | 10 AM-6 PM Wednesday 13 April 2016 (GMT)

The most potent weapon against social problems is largely ignored by services, charities and the state. Why?

We know that the biggest cause of homelessness is relationship breakdown. We know that addiction is so much more about missing human connection than chemicals. We know that resilience to mental and physical hardship is exponentially increased with a network of supportive friends.

So why does Whitehall laugh at friendship as a solution? Can't they see that it could save them a fortune - your friends will bail you out before the state needs to get involved.

At Camerados we believe that Friends and Purpose are the critical components in our lives. Without them people descend into personal hell and even die in services.

The problem is the establishment say "Purpose we get, but you can't measure friendship".

This single barrier is holding us all back. Help us tear it down.

We will hold a session for one day. We're looking for digital solutions, artistic ideas, data collecting thoughts…don't hold back.

We love campfires and walks so we will do both until we crack this problem. After which we will party together…and make more friends!


Arts at the Old Fire Station

40 George St, Oxford OX1 2AQ, United Kingdom

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