A discussion to mark the launch of 'On New Terrain: How Capitalism Is Reshaping the Battleground of Class Struggle' by Kim Moody, published by Haymarket Books

Kim Moody, founder of Labor Notes and author of many books on the labour movement and workplace organising.

Andy Green, Unite the Union Executive Council Member for Docks, Rail, Ferries & Waterways, and rank and file organiser with the International Dockworkers’ Council.

More speakers TBC.

We are often told that neoliberalism has produced an atomised, precarious and powerless working class unable to fight back. This talk challenges this view by looking at how globalisation has created new concentrations of capital and recomposed the working class; in the process, new sites of struggle have emerged in which workers can still exercise tremendous power and pose a formidable challenge to capital. If we can identify these sites and organise effectively, workers can still win. This is an essential topic for anyone on the left considering how we might win power and transform people’s lives in the era of globalised, neoliberal capitalism.

'On New Terrain' will be available for purchase at the event at a discounted rate. See here for more info on the book: https://www.haymarketbooks.org/books/1106-on-new-terrain

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