Fall 2016 CS Dept Hackathon

Sponsored by Wells Fargo

Time & Location

11AM, Saturday, November 19, 2016 through 11AM, Sunday, November 20, 2016, followed by team demos, judging, and award presentations.

3241 S. Federal St., Chicago, IL 60616 (Hermann Hall), Room 002.


Stock markets, trading processes, and investment strategies can be confusing and intimidating to newcomers. So let's make a game of it!

One of the best ways to learn about trading and investment is through paper trading — i.e., investing "fake" money while tracking gains against real market data. Join other Hackathon participants in creating your own paper trading platform, incorporating features found in real world tools, and building in standout features of your own (e.g., AI-backed trading "bots").

Hone your programming chops, find an excuse to employ the latest and greatest web APIs and frameworks, learn about markets and investment, and compete for cash prizes and bragging rights!

24 hours of hacking. Pre-formed teams (up to 4 persons per team) and individuals welcome!


Our judging panel:

  • Carter Hansen, Creative Director at Wells Fargo Advisors
  • Boris Glavic, Department of Computer Science, IIT
  • Kyle Hale, Department of Computer Science, IIT

Submissions will be evaluated in the following areas (a full rubric will be provided at the event):

  • Educational: does it effectively teach the fundamentals of trading/investing?
  • Appeal: how engaging/entertaining/slick is it?
  • Technical: how well implemented is it?


Michael Saelee <saelee@iit.edu>




Teams can consist of 1-4 members. If you arrive solo, though, we strongly encourage you to find someone to team up with — hacking is much better in a group!

Pre-Hackathon Preparation

You are free to meet with team members to plan and brainstorm in advance of the event. Because the goal is to build a paper-trading engine, you are also permitted to bring in user interface code, and to figure out in advance how to connect to and obtain market data (e.g., from one of the recommended online sources).

Third-party APIs and assets

You are encouraged to make use of third-party libraries, frameworks, services, and APIs with suitable licenses. In addition, graphics and other media in the public domain can be freely used. If your team wins, your submission may be subject to review to ensure your work is in compliance.

Intellectual Property

All teams will retain full ownership of everything they create during the Hackathon.

Code of Conduct

Please be respectful and professional, and have fun! We recognize that 24-hour Hackathons can be stressful — take a break when you need to, but do refrain from being overly disruptive. Individuals who violate these rules may be asked to leave the Hackathon at the discretion of the organizers.


3241 S Federal St

3241 S Federal St, Chicago, IL 60616, USA

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