You're Invited: Indy Hall's 10+3 Birthday Party

location National Mechanics | Friday September 27th

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In September of 2016, Indy Hall turned 10 years old.

But that was 3 years ago…and we missed throwing a proper celebration! Which means we have some catching up to do.

So rather than pick one "kind" of party, we decided to roll three "acts" into a single night of friendship and celebration.

Act I: An Very Nostalgic Happy Hour.

A.K.A. “I’ll come for just one…”

Catch up with old friends and make new ones the way we did when Indy Hall was just getting started and National Mechanics was our second home.

Have a drink and reminisce (or learn about) the good old days with acoustic jazz played in the background.

Act II: Popcorn Chicken for Everyone.

A.K.A. “The Classic is Back”

If you stick around past one drink, you’re gonna want some food in your belly. For ONE NIGHT ONLY we are bringing back National Mechanics famous popcorn chicken (no longer available on their menu, much to everyone's confusion and dismay) in abundant proportions.

Drinks and conversations continue over the most extravagant popcorn chicken spread you’ve ever seen.

Veggie and vegan options will be available, somehow, cuz science.

Act III: The Playlist of Our Community.

AKA “You might miss your last train cuz you're busy dancing, but it’ll be worth it”

9pm-whenever we are done
Snacks and drinks and hugs and high fives will continue and somewhere around 10pm we’ll bring up a few epic local musical acts that will remind you what it feels like to be alive. Dance along, clap along, sing along as we remember that we’re all in this together, and to celebrate the best of Philly.

Indy Hall + National Mechanics



National Mechanics

National Mechanics - South 3rd Street, Philadelphia, PA, USA

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