Interactive Data Visualisation

location Campus North | 6 PM-8 PM Wednesday 12 April 2017 (GMT)

Bokeh vs Plotly (and the rest!)

This month we have Rob McCluskey (@Clusks) teaching us the ways of data visualisation.

Python has been a great tool for visualising all types of data, with the grandfather of them all, matplotlib setting the example. But recent years have seen more libraries put their foot on the throttle in terms of advancement and attempt to offer the Holy Grail of truly interactive charts and plots all done within Python.

Two of the standout libraries in this quest include Bokeh and Plotly, which take different approaches to offering interactivity and can be quite dividing in the Python community. We will give a quick introduction to both libraries, weighing up their advantages and disadvantages, as well as looking at how both can be implemented in analytic dashboards and presentations. We'll also have a brief look at other libraries that are attempting to catch up and be in the race.

The start time for the talk will be 6.30 and perhaps a coding Dojo to try these ideas out!

Pizza will be arriving for 6pm supplied, as always, by our fantastic sponsors Pebble and Sharpe Recruitment


Campus North

Sunco House, 5 Carliol Square, Newcastle upon Tyne NE1 6UF, UK

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