location Redmond Community Centre | 6 PM-9 PM Monday 08 October 2018 (GMT)

An evening attempting to design and prototype JELLYFISH models for our MozFest space. No, really!

So we need you. On Monday night. To MAKE JELLYFISH! “What marine foolishness is this?” you cry! “Surely they cannot be serious? I have longed to make JELLYFISH all my life and now what seemed a wild and crazy dream is actually coming real?”

Yes it is! Your idle reveries of bright clusters of colourfully illuminated JELLYFISH models hanging in space are about to become reality. With a smidgin of luck and a bit of brow-furrowing teamwork.

Essential need to know is this:

  • the JELLYFISH has become a symbol of our labours ; more of which to be revealed in Sophie’s forthcoming article,”Why decentralised organising is like JELLYFISH and why JELLYFISH are like everything!”

  • our permanent space at this year’s MozFest (Mozilla’s open source tech festival) is to be JELLYFISH themed and therefore will have to be decorated with hanging swarms of hand-crafted JELLYFISH.

  • we’re gonna try and make these little (or possibly large?) bastards in some form on Monday night at the Redmond Centre.

  • when I say we - I feel it incumbent on me to point out that with my manual dexterity/practical skill level I am mostly likely going to be making tea and patting people on the back and saying “there, there” and “It’ll be fine honestly - it just needs some tentacles”

  • that’s why we need any and absolutely totally all of you with any hands-on arty crafty skills and a vivid imagination!

  • the basic idea is to make wire-frame fabric covered JELLYFISH that are collapsible for transport but if anyone has a brilliant way of making illuminated ones with LEDs and or glowing fibre-optic tentacles we shall kiss both your cheeks with passionate urgency/stay well away from you forever after - as you prefer.

  • so if you have any ideas about that, bring them with you in your brain and if you can get any of that stuff to make ‘em then bring it or call us and discuss how we can get it!

  • we’re planning on eating Fish. And Jelly. Obvs. You know. The famous Fish&Chips&Jelly&IceCream Monday night supper!

  • we’d really appreciate all of you who could come and help us in this crazed free-swimming marine enterprise so if people could come promptly at 6 with a head full of Subphylum Medusazoa design we’d love you forever and say nice things about your dress sense to other people. That’s right. We’ll lie for you!

So. If you have any aquatic or arts and crafts or practical skills and if you like fish and jelly please come and help create this massive marine-based repudiation of Jordan Peterson’s ridiculous Lobster theory.

Stand Against Undersea Fascism!

The time of the JELLYFISH is now! (Err…..well…’s Monday at 6…..but it’s almost now…..)


Redmond Community Centre

Kayani Ave, Woodberry Down, London N4 2HF, UK

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