Product innovation: Jobs to be done framework

location Kindred Capital | 1 PM Friday 16 November (BST)

Our new portfolio advisor, Dave Wascha, will be running a workshop on the Jobs to be done framework, a very popular topic in product and innovation. Dave is the CPO at Photobox. He was previously Global Director of Digital Products at Travelex, and prior to that CPO at

Who should attend? This event will be most useful for CEO, CPO and growth roles.

What is the jobs to be done framework? People “hire” products, services, software and ideas to get jobs done. But it turns out customers rarely buy what the company thinks it’s selling. We differentiate products not by making them better than competitors, which is easy to copy, but by creating experiences that the customers need. The Jobs to be done framework is a way to uncover opportunities for innovation by looking systematically for opportunities to create value. This Harvard Business Review article/podcast explains in more detail:




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