July Codebar Meeting

location EC1Y 8RQ | 1 PM-3:30 PM Saturday 26 July 2014 (GMT)

  • Define a high level mission statement what are we focusing on and what we do not plan on teaching?
  • why we are not doing Rails, why you should go back to basics: blog post? disclaimer? (e.g. - wordpress/tools/startup-type helpers vs learning how to program from the ground up)
  • Coach inductions
  • Explicit paths/tracks through our training content
  • Development environment surgeries
  • Define roles such as course coordinator/tutorial coordinator/tutorial owner
  • Possibility of being evolving from student to coach
  • Students working on their own projects: too vague?separate areas?
  • Discuss how to pair coaches and students
  • Long term students: have buddies/pairs?
  • Process for people to help out and volunteer, and be responsible for a thing
  • Feedback for coaches
  • Things better written out, figure out how people can help with copy, wording the mission




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