Kataze is leaving forever so please come visit

Moving to california for reasons of True Love

Hey everyone!

I have to go very soon to smooch a boy I really like, but before that, let's all hang out together one last time. I don't have a lot of alcohol so please bring drinks to share! (I will have a lot of soda though because I am fat.)

We'll get pizza or something it will be very fun.


I can't make it!!

That's not a question, but that's ok. I know it's very short notice, but that's out of necessity on my end. I understand if you can't make it, and I still love you!

Are you really leaving forever?

Kind of. For a long time at least. I am going to try and visit lots, and maybe one day wear down the bf enough to drag him back here.

Can I bring a fursuit?

Hell yeah!

I'm still very confused! What is happening??

Click here for my long form announcement of my departure, if you haven't seen it


2415 W Washburne Ave

2415 W Washburne Ave, Chicago, IL 60608, USA

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