King Cake Party #3

location Greg and Gudrun | 2 PM Thursday 22 January (SST)

King Cake Tradition

This is the third King Cake Party for 2015. Gudrun got the baby and will be hosting the next party. KING CAKE TRADITION came to New Orleans with the first french settlers and has stayed ever since. Being from New Orleans, I decided to continue the tradition in Panama. The first party was held after the twelfth night, January 6 at Susan and Tim's house, and the weekly party continues every week through Carnival, which is lent, Fat Tuesday or Mardi Gras. Whoever gets the baby, hidden in the King Cake, has the next party. This continues weekly until February 17, which is Mardi Gras day this year. The King Cake may NOT be served after this date…..with that said "Happy Mardi Gras"


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