Lean Day On The Air w/ David J Bland & Salim Virani

location Google Hangouts | 5 PM-5:30 PM Wednesday 26 February 2014 (GMT)

Learn what's next from the Lean Startup pioneers in London and San Francisco

In anticipation of Lean Day London and Leancamp London, Peter Shanley of Neo interviews two people who helped expand Lean Startup. Join us on Google Hangouts!

David's background is using agile and lean techniques at several companies near Washington DC and San Francisco. He joined his first startup in 1999, and helped scale it to a 13 million dollar acquisition in 2006.

Sal's a partner at Founder Centric, where he teaches founders in accelerators how to get traction quickly. He founded 5 startups - his early successes ironically funding his later failures - and then Leancamp, an event for founders and thought-leaders to dig into what really works. It connected Lean Startup to UX and Business Model Generation.

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