Lettuce Club 2K16

location The Cards Against Humanity Theater | 2 PM-3 PM Friday 24 June 2016 (CST)

Let us eat lettuce.

Who's the best at eating lettuce? It's a question that's plagued the Cards Against Humanity office for years. It's time to settle this, Lettuce Club style.

The rules of Lettuce Club are simple.

1) Each team elects a Head Lettuce. This Head lettuce will be the team's Lettuce Club representative.

2) Each Head Lettuce reports to the Cards Against Humanity Theater no later than 1:45 PM on Friday, the twenty fourth of June for a Lettuce Club meeting.

3) At 2:00 PM sharp, each Head Lettuce will be presented with a head of lettuce and given one hour to eat it. No toppings or sauces allowed.

4) The first Head Lettuce to finish their head of lettuce will be crowned the Head of Head Lettuces and reign as ruler of Lettuce Club until the next meeting.

Those of you at home may not be able to be a part of Lettuce Club, but that doesn't mean you can't participate:

  • Watch the Lettuce Club Livestream on Twitch: HERE

  • Vote for your favorite Head Lettuce on Twitter

  • Eat Lettuce.




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