Level 1 Hogger Raid

location The Malygos Server | 6 PM Sunday 10 July (CST)

This probably won't work but we'll try

Hi everyone. My name is Trin. My birthday is this weekend, and I want to do a 40man, level 1 raid of Hogger at 6:00 PM Central Time on the mmorpg World of Warcraft.

But apparently "raids" aren't a real thing anymore, so we're just going to pile up and, in a somewhat organized fashion, throw our tiny level 1 characters at Hogger until he dies.

A HOT TIP: Please make your level 1 Alliance toon and walk it over to the Lion's Pride Inn (Goldshire) before Sunday evening. Don't just log in at 6pm and be like "whaddup"


TIME: 6:00 PM Central Time

DAY: Sunday, July 10th

SERVER: Malygos

BRING: a level one toon

PLACE: Meet at the inn at Goldshire

Do I need to know how to play World of Warcraft? - No you do not

I don't actually know you but I still want to do this, is that okay? - Yes! Just be polite and let's see if we can all make some Internet Friends.

Can I invite people? - Yes, please make sure they're not assholes, if you can

What if we wipe (everyone dies)? - Then we are doing it again until we kill the bastard

What if we don't get enough people to kill him? - It takes about 20 minutes to level up to 10 in this game, let's just level together and then kill him soundly.

I don't want to buy a subscription to WoW. - I am pretty sure you will be fine on a trial subscription! You just won't be able to join the party, which is fine. This will be hugely and hilariously disorganized

Do I need a microphone? - No! But please have speakers in case other people use in-game chat.

What if I am an asshole and I want to be mean to people? - We will kick you out and stuff. That's not cool man

I can't make it. Will you stream it? - YES. twitch.tv/trinandtonic Please have low expectations

Okay thanks, see you in Elwyn Forest!


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