We have moved and now have three distinguished speakers

For those who were inspired to join the Lib Dems to maintain a voice of modern, liberal reason in an increasingly polarised British politics. Primarily, this is for the newbies following the May 2015 general election but all welcome.


Originally, four of us had planned to meet in the pub and celebrate being LibDem Newbies. When a dozen expressed an interest in coming, we invited some existing members as speakers. Now we have over 100 confirmed attendees so we have moved to a bigger venue. The Meetup will be downstairs at Walkers of Whitehall, which is near Trafalgar Square.



  • Josh Lachkovic

    Co-founder @waxandstamp. Co-host @underhillsunday. Work by day in education communications. Likes: new music, Keith Floyd, wine, Provence.

  • Max Tatton-Brown

    Good ideas, bad ideas + question marks. Left @tradeshift in 2013 to found http://t.co/wVNEaTFnnF. Write eg @guardian @wired. Advise @techstars @techjpr

  • Tom Rouse

    Hopeless optimist, frequent daydreamer, amateur blogger. Editorial and creative thinking @hotwirepr. Write, tweet + talk about media, comms, politics and rugby.

  • Peter Sigrist

    Communicator. Taking what I learned from innovative startups and global corporations and applying it to schools. Director at SKOLA; these views mine.

  • Sarah Taylor

    Comms consultant, copywriter. ''Saturngirl's ability to influence and probe minds was usually limited to minds already weakened in some way.'' Francophile.

  • Stuart Lambert

    A man in an inevitably mortal struggle against Time. Photographer, music producer and writer. Thinker and occasional doer. All views my own etc.


Walkers Of Whitehall

15 Whitehall, London SW1A 2DD, United Kingdom

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