Lifehack's Project Kitchen

location | 1.30-3.00pm on Friday 14 July

Come support some brave project ideas!

Kia ora awesome human!

Come be part of the laughter and excitement for our online Project Kitchen!

What's the purpose of Project Kitchen?

Project Kitchen is all about giving people concrete ideas and encouragement for moving forward their project ideas.

The workshop format was created by Seb Paquet from Enspiral. You can run this in your own community or workplace, and there's even an online runsheet to help you do so.

Do you have an idea…?

We are looking for two Chefs who have little ideas planted in their heads. If you've got an idea, and would love to progress your thinking, just email to sign on as a Chef.

There's only two spots available, so be quick!

What happens on the day?

The process will run in two rounds - one for each Chef.

  • First, the Chef explains their idea. (4 minutes)
  • Then, the Dinner Guests can ask questions to clarify what the idea is about. (4 minutes)
  • The Chef can then put One Burning Question to their Guests to seek help on that topic.
  • Next, the Dinner Guests have 8 minutes to share their feedback on the idea. The Chef cannot speak or respond! They must just listen.
  • Finally, the Chef has 3 minutes to share their reflections on what was most valuable and actionable from the Dinner Guests.

After that, we'll probably all cheer and clap and generally make a bit of a hooplah to congratulate the Chef on being brave enough to put their idea out into the world!

So, just to clarify, what are the roles?

There are two roles available:

  • The Chefs are the 'project holders'. They are the people who explain their idea and ask for feedback. These brave humans have the ability and confidence to explain their idea. Don't worry, the explanation doesn't need to be anything flashy.

  • The Dinner Guests are the audience, the participants. They listen to the Chef explain their idea, and then share their wisdom and connections to help the Chef with their idea.

What do I need to do on the day?

The process will be carefully facilitated by Toni and Paul from the Lifehack crew.

As a Chef or Dinner Guest, you just need to jump into and Toni and Paul will host and guide the space.

We have a Google Doc setup here to record notes for the Chefs to refer back to.

Until then,

Stay well.

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