2nd Annual Life List Party

location Springwood | June 20th & 21st 2015

Kicking ass, one list at a time

The first annual Life List party was such a lot of fun that we've decided to do it again. Yay!

If you've ever said “oh, I'd love to do [x]!” and then never gotten around to it, then this party is for you.

Want more joy in your life? This party is for you too. Want to hang out with some amazing people, chill out in a hammock and maybe borrow some books? Hey, this party is for you, too! :)

There'll be more details as we get closer to the time. We're gauging interest at the moment, so hit that attend button if you're interested in coming/finding out more! :)

So what is a Life List Party?

A party to:

  • celebrate the fun things
  • get some shit done and
  • hopefully inspire you for the future

Several people we've spoken to over the years have said they'd like to write a Life List but don't know where to start, or don't know what to put on it. Over the course of the weekend we hope to help you tick some things off your Life List, even if it only exists in your head right now.

Do I have to write a Life List?

Nope - personally we think they're awesome but if you come away from the weekend not that bothered about writing one then we can still be friends, we promise. It'd be great if you could still help us tick something off one of ours tho!

What if I already have a Life List?

Then you're one step ahead of the game, my friend. Have a think to see if there's anything on it you can potentially tick off over the weekend. If you have “learn XYZ” on your list and you don't see it on the class list then let us know and we'll see if we can find someone to teach you!

Do I have to attend on both days?

Nope! Saturday is the main event, but if you also want to come on Sunday then you're more than welcome to :)

Will you be doing classes again this year?

Yes, but not as many. This year we want to focus on writing and adding to your Life List, and ticking off items where we can! :)




Springwood, Cardiff, Cardiff CF23 6UG, UK

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