Living Change Retreat

Change is not just something we live through, it is also not something we ‘do’ to the world. As people we are deeply embedded as part of this living world; change is about the way we are, the way we act, live and participate with each other and our environment.

We are living in a time of transitions, the old world is dying, our current systems are failing us and we are on the precipice of the emerging next wave. Many of us have been on this ‘change’ journey for years and find value and support in the web of relationships of working alongside each other.

For this reason we at Forum for the Future would like to create an opportunity for us to come together, a long-weekend to take time as fellow travellers to acknowledge with honesty what is happening in our changing world as well as how we might replenish our energy to work with the enormity of the challenges we are facing.

Our starting questions include:

How do we face with honesty what is happening to the world?

How might we understand how we got here and what we might do next?

How might we replenish our energy, by supporting each other, in nature so we might continue venturing out into the world?

The retreat will allow us to bring the questions we are working with, and provide an open flow, including some solo time in nature, to allow us to explore the different perspectives, experiences and shared intents. For that reason this retreat is an invitation only retreat. It will be a safe space to explore both the widest and deepest challenges of our times, but also to bring our whole selves to this exploration.

The retreat will be hosted by friends at Way of Nature

Andres will be helping to create a different kind of space and exploration, supported by time in nature, to explore different perspectives, experiences and shared intents we are working with. The process will involve working with deeper awareness, ‘presenting’ and dialogue practices.

What we'll be doing:

  • Camping and exploring from a beautiful, protected forest
  • Going for walks in fells and swims in lakes, in the land where Swallows and Amazons is set
  • An exercise and conversation around movements and transitions towards Living Systems
  • T'ai Qi and Qi Gong (pronounced chee gung) - moving meditations to support connection, flow, relaxation and presence
  • A mini 'Solo' in the woods, followed by a special sharing of experience and insights
  • Some embodiment and social presencing work around the state of the world at the moment
  • Space and time to share and explore individual and group inquiries in these areas
  • Cooking and eating together outdoors
  • Time for silence and being without words

Location: The site lends itself beautifully to escaping, lighting fires, going on walks, cooking up banquets and making sense of the world. It is set within the grounds of a protected forest and rests between Coniston Water, where we can go for swims, and higher grounds and fells where we can go for long walks and adventures. We will have the site all to ourselves to make whatever we want for the weekend. Closest station: nearest train station will be Ulverston

Cost: Forum are supporting this retreat free of charge which will also keep the fees down. We will each need to self fund this trip - cost will be £250 if you arrive on Friday or £275 if you plan to arrive on Thursday evening. This fee will also pay for use of all the site, the woods, food and all planning and organising.

Places are limited - to confirm yours, fill in this form and confirm your payment:

Hope to see you there - Anna, Charlene, Louise

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