London Computation Club: Types & Programming Languages #1

location Geckoboard | 6:30 PM-8:30 PM Tuesday 07 February 2017 (BST)

Chapter 3 of Types & Programming Languages

Join us for our first London Computation Club meeting regarding our new book for 2017, Benjamin C. Pierce's "Types and Programming Languages".

Chapter 3 is the first “proper” chapter, so it will be the focus of the meeting. We’ll go through it together, discuss the tricky parts, and do some of the exercises if we have time.

Chapters 1 & 2 are sort of optional introductory material. By all means you should read them if you have time and find them interesting — they provide a lot of the context and prerequisites for what is to come. The risk is that you may find chapter 1 too boring, or chapter 2 too intimidating, depending on your skills and interests. So if you’re not into them, don’t worry; we’ll refer back to them as necessary as we work through the book, and in particular we’ll tackle any mathematical difficulties together when they arise, so there’s no need to memorise the ideas and notation from chapter 2.

See the post on our mailing list for more information.



3rd Floor, 60 Worship St, London EC2A, UK

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