The Dribbble Meetup at The App Business is tonight. It’s going to be a packed house going by the numbers. Doors open at 7pm and our three speakers will be on at 8pm.

We have Fraser Davidson kicking off proceedings. While you’re chomping down on pizza he’ll be talking about how he and Cub Studio use Dribbble in the context of their work and how being able to post animated gifs has really helped them-

Ben Dunn will be talking about how he used Dribbble to secure a job in London and walking us through the creation of one of his most popular shots. -

Shaps will be demoing Peek. A handy open source framework for iOS that allows designers, testers and devs to check an apps UI implementation is pixel perfect and fire off reports when it isn’t -

We’ll also have an Oculus Rift on hand courtesy of Lee Higgins and we’ll keep the free beer and wine going for as long as it lasts or until we need to shutter the doors around 11pm.

If you’re unable to make tonight it then please let me know on Twitter (@imcconchie) as we do have a waiting list and we’d like to let those know later today if there is space for them.

Look forward to seeing you all later,



We're maxed out folks, if you have not RSVP'd and can see your shiny avatar or name on this page you may be out of luck!

Fear not though, as you can join the waiting list. We'll get in touch a few days beforehand if spaces become available, and let you know if you made if off the bench.

Everyone else, look forward to seeing you there. Details below.


Doors 7pm
Speakers 8-9pm
End 11pm

It’s a housewarming. Sort of.

We’ve been in Soho awhile, but we’ve just taken over a new pop-up space on the groundfloor. It’s not a permanent home, so we want to make the most of it and have interesting people over as much as we can.

We've got talks from Dribbblers Fraser Davidson and Ben Dunn. Shaps will give you a peek of some tech to help with your iOS design work. You'll be able to explore brave new worlds with a demo of Oculus Rift, plus you might even be able to get your hands on some good-looking swag.

Over all, we've kept it simple: come and say hello, have a look around the place, and swap some design stories. It'll be a room full of designers enjoying some free beers and other equally hydrating drinks, picking each others brains and talking about great projects.



20-24 Broadwick St

20-24 Broadwick St, Soho, London W1F 8HT, UK

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