London: The Retail Technology Capital

Eccomplished and Tech London Advocates present London: The Retail Technology Capital in partnership with Like Minds and hosted by Powa Technologies

This event brings together the brightest minds in retail technology, innovation, acceleration and investment to establish London as the world’s leading digital retail economy.

Our Speakers

Stephen Millard CEO, Eccomplished

Russ Shaw Founder, Tech London Advocates

Julian Burnett CTO at Think, former Head of Innovation at John Lewis

Steve Emecz SVP Business Development, Powa Technologies

Pradeep Raman Investor, Forward Partners

Stuart Marks Chairman, LMarks and Founder of JLabs

Peter Janes Founder and CEO, Shopa

The UK leads the world in the adoption of digital retail, with consumers spending double online per capita the next nearest economy, leading the way in the use of mobile technology in retail and continually pushing the adoption of new technology.

Retailers have long invested in technology to maintain the competitiveness and maximising the value of their brands, now however the impetus to invest is driven by the need keep pace with competition and consumers.

The current retail technology landscape is growing and changing rapidly, new start-ups emerging rapidly, existing players investing and re-inventing and start–ups from around the world re-locating to the UK.

Investors – private and institutional, are increasingly looking to UK retail technology as one of the most vibrant and exciting markets investment markets in the world .

The UK has an incredible opportunity to create value and establish leadership around the world in the delivery of transformational retail technology.

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