Makeshift & Red Badger Office Warming Party

location 12 Mallow St London EC1Y 8RQ | 6 PM-10 PM Friday 12 July 2013

You are cordially invited to join us in celebrating our new office space just off the Old Street Roundabout.

Just one month ago, two startups named Makeshift and Red Badger found a new home on Mallow Street, a stone's throw from the Old Street Roundabout.

Makeshift moved upstairs and Red Badger moved downstairs.

The two teams quickly realized how much they liked each other, and so they decided to throw a party. It's a two-floored party with a theme: Heaven & Hell.

It's up to you to dress however you're feeling, but some semblance of a costume is required for a cocktail.

We hope to see you soon…

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