#makeupconf: Kickstarter Q&A with Christina Xu

This Q&A will be held in the *#eventsconf* Slack channel.

Christina Xu is an expert in creating successful Kickstarter campaigns. In addition to consulting with companies and people who want to create their own Kickstarter campaigns, Christina's most recent Kickstarter, Multi Entry - Telling the Stories of Young, Creative China, raised 90% of it's $10,000 in less than a week.

She'll be here to answer any of your Kickstarter questions for an hour on Friday the 19th at 1:30PM ET and I know you'll learn so much from it!

Christina's Biography:

> “Hi! I'm Christina, and I'm from the internet. I believe in the importance of creating open-ended community spaces, helping people understand each other, and building organizational structures that enable sustainable creativity and redistribute power. I'm on a lifelong mission to eat every delicious fruit in the world.

> Currently, I'm a freelance organizational designer and ethnographer. I also teach in SVA's Interaction Design department and give away $1000 grants as a member of the Awesome Foundation in NYC. Previously, I ran Breadpig for 3 years, worked at the MIT Media Lab's Center of Civic Media, and co-founded an internet culture conference called ROFLCon.”

You can learn more about Christina at her christinaxu.org

You can also follow her on http://twitter.com/xuhulk and http://medium.com/xuhulk

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