Manchester's Science Park Bike User Group - First Meetup

location Old Abbey Inn | Sometime in mid-July

Do you use a bicycle to get to work on Manchester's Science Park? Then get involved in MSPBUG!

We want to help make Manchester Science Park a fantastic place for bicycles as it undergoes its transformation over the coming years.

Many people on the science park use bikes to get to and from work: by coming together, we'll help make it a better place for cycling.

Are you interested? Then sign-up below, join our newsletter and come along to our first informal meetup (date TBC).

By joining the newsletter, we can let you know when it's happening and keep you up-to-date with future events if you can't come.

We definitely won't spam or re-distribute your email address.

If you've got any questions, email <> or tweet me below.

This is a self-organised group, not directly affiliated with MSPL.


  • Josh R

    Adopted Manc. Likes cycling, drinks and winks. Disruptor and instigator of MSPBUG.


Old Abbey Inn

Pencroft Way, Manchester, United Kingdom

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