Manouvering in the middle: Insights on Innovation from South Africa

| 10:30 AM-11:30 AM Friday 17 April 2015 (GMT)

How does a country’s level of development impact its capacity for innovation?

What innovation trade-offs occur as a country gains both more regulatory and implementation capacity? How does this play out in a middle-income country with the best (and worst) of both sides of the development continuum?

The Bertha Centre for Social Innovation at the University of Cape Town is working closely with the three tiers of South African government to help catalyse and embed innovation from within the system and to enable innovation from outside to penetrate the system. We are working across health, early childhood development and finance and will tailor the session according to the levels of interest in each of those sectors.

We’d love you to come and engage with us as we grapple with the opportunities and constraints afforded by the levels of bureaucracy and capacity in a middle income country. Too much institution to be agile and too little capacity to scale successful interventions? Or just enough flexibility and just enough capacity to innovate successfully and start the slow climb to scale?

We will share insights from our experience of manoeuvring in this “middle” zone and collectively consider ways that these lessons can be applied across the spectrum.

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