The goal is to map urban commons and other resources that could be leveraged for an open circular economy in Berlin. This range from places where to meet or work like Agora or Thinkfarm, to materials sourcing points like the Material Mafia or Materiallager – Kunststoff, and more to be uncovered.

The map jam will unfold in three steps:

  • 11-12AM: Input on open source circular economy and the power of mapping the urban commons
  • 12-3PM: Free bicycle stroll (BRING YOUR OWN BIKE!) in the streets of Berlin to uncover existing resources and potential urban commons for an open source circular economy
  • 2.30-4PM: Participants share the results of their urban hunt and discuss the implications for a transition towards an open source circular economy

This map jam and tour is organized by Thinkfarm's transition>>lab as a contribution to the Open Source Circular Economy Days Berlin and the MAKE CITY Berlin 2015. This event is supported by the TransforMap community. Address: Oranienstrasse 183, 3rd Yard, Entry C, 3rd floor.




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