Mid Day PBTA - Uncharted Worlds 1

location Google Hangouts | 11 AM-3 PM Monday 05 December 2016 (CDT)

We're Playing Uncharted Worlds!

This will be for three (maybe four, not sure yet) sessions of Uncharted Worlds, a "Space Opera" PBTA game of danger and discovery!

Feel free to RSVP to only one session, though it is preferred to RSVP to all three sessions.

If the event is full and you wish to be put on the "Waitlist" please do so in the comments section.

Plot points to follow in the near future… THOUGH I'd almost rather discuss what kind of game the players want to play before I piece together a story, since this system can be quite broad. RSVP yes if you can make it, and we'll go from there.

Looking forward to gaming with you!

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