Mike Williams: From Boy to Man

location Muskoka Lakes | 6 PM Thursday 06 August — 6 PM Sunday 09 August 2015 (EST)

The Bachelor Party

He’s grey like a rain cloud<br> And about as much fun<br> He likes science and working<br> And getting things done<br> <br> He’s not pretty, not cute<br> And he sweats like a hog<br> With the thighs of a hippo<br> And the face of a frog<br> <br> He was a child who dreamed<br> Of the Olympic arena<br> Where he would find greatness<br> As a skating ballerina<br> <br> He’s a man who now dreams<br> Of a world without pollution<br> So he makes loads of money<br> For half-assed solutions<br> <br> He’s somehow found love<br> From a real, live broad<br> Who seems to like who he is<br> Or maybe its fraud<br> <br> Either way, he’s our brother<br> And so we owe him his chances<br> For memories of mayhem<br> And deluxe lap dances<br> <br> So join us in August<br> Somewhere near a lake<br> And let’s get him real drunk<br> For his own fucking sake<br> <br> <br> <b>WHEN:</b> AUGUST 6-9 2015<br> <b>WHERE</b>: COTTAGE COUNTRY TBD, SOMEWHERE NORTH OF TORONTO<br> <b>WHO:</b> MIKE’S BEST BUDS<br> <b>NOT:</b> WOMEN OR CHILDREN<br> <b>WHAT:</b> COTTAGE BALLYHOO AND LOCAL SHENANIGANS<br> <b>BRING:</b> PANTS<br>


Muskoka Lakes

Muskoka Lakes, ON, Canada (TBD)

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