Minecraft UEC

| Sunday, January 17th, 2016 @ 5:00 PM

Minecraft UEC #12: This time with months of anticipation!

"Ultra Easycore" is a play on "Ultra Hardcore" because we are playing on Easy Mode instead of Hard Mode and I'm silly. But don't think it'll actually be easy!!

Rule of Thumb: If you think it might get you killed, don't risk it. It's way more fun to die by PvP than alone in the bowels of the earth mining obsidian!

  1. If you die, you're out.
  2. NO natural health regeneration.
  3. Golden apples (crafted by placing an apple in the middle of 8 gold ingots) heal 4 hearts. (They also provide 2 bonus hearts for 2 minutes…)
  4. Use caves, NOT complex mining techniques, to find resources. This rule is hard to enforce, but it's all about your intention; as long as you're in a cave or looking for a cave, you should be fine.
  5. No PvP within the first 15 minutes. There will be a visible countdown timer.

Take note:

  • Eternal Twilight (no day/night cycle)
  • We have 20 hearts instead of 10.
  • Golden apples now heal 4 hearts instead of 2.
  • Lumberjack mod, because chopping wood is a pain! Just keep hitting the bottom block and the tree will break from the top-down! Neato!
  • Absolutely NO witches.
  • Lots of cool new items!

You would be wise to make food-gathering one of the very first things you do. Dying by way of hunger is no fun. Sometimes it can be hard to find food sources, so don't risk it.

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