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The dress code for this year's Christmas Party is "Bright and Merry Christmas"! Come dressed in your brightest colours as we lit up the party!

The theme for this year's gift exchange is Re-Gift!

I am sure you have received some gifts previously and it was left collecting dust at one dark corner at home!

This is the time to bring the gift back to life as a gift for the exchange. "Someone’s trash could be someone’s treasure!" Okay, trash might be too strong a word, but someone else could like that gift which you did not have much use for!

It could also be something that you have never or rarely used. And can be a few small items together, or just one item. There is no limit, but I wont stop you from bringing a rarely used PS4 for the gift exchange! (just make sure its not spoiled).

And in essence of the Re-Gift spirit, please make sure that your gift is Recyclable-wrapped. Meaning materials that was previously used for something else and now used to hide your "trash".

There is a discussion box below, so do give your suggestion for the games you die die want to play :)

and do bring a bottle of something that you want to drink, Beer is already settled. But if you dont have something at home, dont fret, we will get you covered :)

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