Mink Rocks: 25th August BANK HOLIDAY MONDAY

Mink Rocks runs Once a Month Mondays at Mink Bar [+=18s][Free Entry because we're Dead Nice]

Lets just take a moment to rejoice in all the Twitter name tags on dat poster there^^^…… Done! Right this is August Bank Holiday Mink Rocks - XL because we're jammin' 1 extra band into the usual fun - +1 for Live Music #LevelUp

>>> Bands kick off from 7:30pm

>>> Doors open from 5pm

>>> Close is 2am with DJ playing tracks to keep up your vibes until then



Local Gents blasting out Rock/Pop, one of the best within the genre, perfect for closing Mink Rocks on a bank holiday, red shoes for dancing - Band interests include "Playing Live Music to all you lovely people!" — Don't want to brag but I think Mink Rocks' crowd is the loveliest of crowds #YouLittleCuties



Dead Excited to announce these! Returning to Mink Rocks with a little blue tick on their page from Facebook, Big Track " Do You Feel The Same" was played all over Kerrang + Scuzz… Big things are in the pipe line for these gents - part of Kill/Hurt management


Lost In Paradise

New Line-up / Same big pop/rock sound we love here - Back To The Start was released not so long ago with the faces of the new members - check it out



First ever band from Hull to come to Mink Rocks last year, they pack a hell of a sound and with the release of "Coming Home Soon" this month before Mink Rocks we can only say it's the perfect time to catch this band


The Unsound

Local gents always progressing with their sound - closed a massive gig last year at Mink Rocks and I expect more of the same this year - Check out >>> Take It Back

♛CLICK GOING OFFER♛: Click Going and ask for your Free Shot at the bar[This will close before the 25th]

With a little help from the people that make us - | Tees Music Scene | NE Volume Magazine | Chloe Winter Photography | NARC. Magazine | and Andrew Jones providing the Dead Good Sound Tech


  1. Mink Rocks "Dead Nice" Punch £2
  2. Carlsberg - £2
  3. Steins(2 Pints) Dortmunder - £6
  4. Double Vodka Mixer - £2.50
  5. J-Bombs - £2 (3 for £5)
  6. Sour Shots - £1
  7. Any Spirit and a mixer - £2.50 | Dbl up for +£1
  8. £1 J-Bomb with any Alcoholic Beverage bought

Please Drink Responsibly

@MinkRocks - Twitter


Mink Tattoo Coffee Bar

25 Corporation Rd, Middlesbrough, United Kingdom

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