Miranj Turns Four

location 143-A (Second Floor), Shahpur Jat | 5 PM-10 PM Saturday 21 February 2015 (IST)

Party Time

Join us as we celebrate four years of existence. There will be food (pizza), booze, coffee and cheer at Base Station, our new co-working space in Shahpur Jat.


143-A, Second Floor
Shahpur Jat
New Delhi 110049


Enter Shahpur Jat from the Asian Games Village (Khel Gaon) turn on August Kranti Marg. The road forks into two parts, the right one enters Shahpur Jat. Take that and keep going until the road turns right at the end (landmark: there’s a fish vendor at the corner). A few metres after the road turns there is a Rainbows Bakery on your right.

143-A is the four-storey blue and white building right behind Rainbows Bakery.

Base Station, Second Floor, 143 A, Shahpur Jat, New Delhi

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