MLNE August: Titanic Hack!  

location Campus North | 6:30 PM Thursday 27 August (BST)

MLNE Titanic Hack

In the first proper meetup of MLNE, we'll pull down the Titanic Survivors datasets and have a go at running some basic machine learning techniques on the data. Free beer also available!

The aim of this meetup is to get our hands dirty with some data and some basic ML algorithms - we'll not be inspecting any mathematical proofs or getting too far under the hood just yet.

If you are an ML-hero, please come along and share your experience and knowledge - teaching is a great way to cement your own knowledge. If you are an ML-not-quite-hero, join the club - you will not be a sinking ship!

Here's some of the ground we hope to touch on: - Naive Bayes Classifiers - Random Forests - Linear SVC

we'll also tip our hat to cross-validation and overfitting!

If you're interested but can't make it this time, please join the google group:!forum/mlne


Campus North

5 Carliol Square, Newcastle upon Tyne NE1, United Kingdom

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