Join us to hear inspirational speaker Linda Cruse!

Ministry of Awesome presents Double Shot Session with Linda Cruse! Described as a cross between Florence Nightingale and Indiana Jones, Linda Cruse is the ultimate humanitarian aid worker and subsequent author hell bent on changing the world forever.

Her trademark skill is the ability to broker powerful partnerships between large businesses (wanting to offer help in stricken communities but not knowing the best way) and local charities (NGOs). Her work is inspired by the notion of giving 'hand-ups' rather than 'hand-outs'.

Linda has recently been appointed as a senior fellow and Social entrepreneur in Residence in the College of Business and Law at the University of Canterbury in Christchurch.

We are very fortunate to have Linda here in our awesome city! At this free public session, Linda will share with us:

  • How to see the positive in very negative situations
  • How to get attention from very senior people, e.g. Richard Branson
  • Introducing The 21 Day Challenge - bringing 30 top students from the University of Canterbury and 30 senior business leaders from NZ together to solve 3 problems in 3 challenged communities in 3 continents within 21 pressure cooker days! The race is on…

Come join us for this special event at XCHC! Nibble and drinks provided.

See for more information on Linda Cruse.

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