Double Shot Session

Validation Workshop

Ministry of Awesome presents Double Shot Session with Alan Cox! He will run a workshop on Validation.

Everything starts from an idea and usually this idea sparks up the ideator to be really passionate about it (which is awesome!), but most likely the outcome results in failure. Unfortunately, the ideator usually can’t find a fit between what is being produced and what the market (customer) actually wants. Validation is about eliminating this failure and bridging the gap between the product and the customer.

This session will expand on Alan's brief talk at Coffee and Jam. He will help you create the right questions, use suitable tools and methods to get the validation you need for your business.

Alan Cox has helped a wide range of businesses to grow by helping them design better products and execute smarter digital strategies. He is personally fascinated by what innovation and design can do to create value beyond the obvious.He has extensive experience in user-research, digital design and online marketing. He also has special interest and depth of knowledge in business strategy, management and execution. Currently involved in early stages of a new technology start-up.

Double Shot Sessions are monthly events which provide a platform for inspirational speakers and entrepreneurs to share their stories, projects and learnings with a wider audience to expand on skillset.

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