Multipack Returns

location Birmingham | Some time in June

It's time to resuscitate the amazing digital talent of the Midlands after a year hiatus. 

Back in 2005, a handful of passionate web developers from the Midlands joined for a few pints to discuss the local scene and how they could meet other like-minded people. Everyone was in agreement it should be a regular event, ideally at weekends, touring around different towns in the region to allow a fair spread of travelling. The Multipack was born.

Through the years, the community grew – offline and online. Organised talks were arranged in the guise of Multipack Presents, fringe meets were formed in Leamington Spa and Stafford, a big one-day event was born in the annual Geek In The Park.

After 8 years though, attendance dropped due to other commitments, the passion seemed to disappear and effort was minimal. A mutual decision was made to call it a day.



Birmingham, West Midlands, UK

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