Music Night at OrbitalNYC

Let's improvise and record a song together.


Looking for:

  • musicians who can improv melodies
  • people who can keep rhythm and can pound on things
  • people with iPhone cameras who can record video
  • people who can video edit on the spot
  • people who can dance or create art – especially if you'd like cameos
  • people who can play the piano app on their smart phones

Drop by sometime around 7pm. We may go until midnight.

Feel free to bring your instruments, but beware that we're on the fourth floor (see cover photo) – so you may not want to bring very large instruments.

We may create multiple songs. We may fail to create even a single decent song. The point is not to worry about the final output too much, but to have fun through collaboration. (Who knows? Maybe we'll produce some magic.)

By private invitation only (if someone showed you this page, you're invited!). Please contact Linda if you have questions.

OrbitalNYC is a space to do awesome stuff. orbitalnyc


155 Rivington St

155 Rivington St, New York, NY 10002, USA

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