Natural Change netwalking

location Horse Wynd | 5:30 PM-7:30 PM Thursday 15 September 2016 (BST)

time and space to slow down, walk, talk, reflect…

Do you sometimes feel that you’re so busy working towards outcomes and deadlines that you rarely have the time and space to slow down and think deeply about what you’re trying to achieve and how you can best do that?

Do you wish you had more opportunities and unpressured time to reflect with your peers about the ways you, your organisation and others are contributing to the greater good – whatever that means to you? To explore perhaps ideas emerging from approaches such as Common Cause, Natural Change, ULab and more?

If so, we invite you to an informal prototype “netwalking” evening that my good friend Tom Deacon and I are developing for people engaged with various aspects of sustainability, wellbeing, climate change, social justice, democracy etc


  • Natural Change

    Natural Change is an innovative form of leadership training which catalyses social change for a fair and sustainable future.


  • Osbert Lancaster

    Helping organisations tackling climate change and promoting sustainability to deliver results. Loves sea, sail & oar. Director @Natural__Change


Horse Wynd

Horse Wynd, Edinburgh EH8, UK

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