New Mental Health mini-hack

location Oxford | 2 PM-5 PM Thursday 14 April 2016 (GMT)

Mental health and mental illness are higher on the policy agenda than they have ever been yet, to date, the area has not seen the levels of innovation and disruption present in approaches to other social challenges.

With mental health support needs becoming increasingly diverse as available funding decreases, we need to develop new services and ways to engage with services that can both respond to demand and be economically viable.

The mini-hack will present provocations and current analysis with a view to developing some initial prototype solutions to wicked problems presented within the realms of:

  • Improving the wellbeing of people who experience mental health difficulty,
  • Improving the systems which deliver care and support to those with mental health needs and;
  • Improving the ways in which resources and funds are secured, managed, allotted or monitored for the furtherance of the first three objectives


  • Markoneinfour

    Mark Brown edited One in Four, national mental health mag written by people with mental health difficulties 2007-14. Does mental health stuff for cash (or not)



Oxford, Oxford, UK

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