New Year's Day Family Gathering

Celebrate the new year with our big, nutty friends and family crew!

Hello favorite humans,

This year has been bonkers. We want to usher in the new one with a celebration of each other and the community of incredible humans we are so stoked to have.

This will be our 3rd annual New Year's Day celebration, and we want you here with us. More than ever we want to offer our home as a place to relish in love, life, and all of you.

Join us on January 1 for a slow, comfy day of delicious food (by resident chef, Johnny Bilotta), restorative beverages, and lots of good chill time. Please feel free to drop in any time from 11am - 7pm and stay as long as you'd like. If you want to contribute drinks or food, feel free, though there should be plenty to go around!

In past years people have come for anything from a quick "drink and hello" before moving on to the next thing, to a day-long, sleepy recovery session.

January 1 has quickly become one of our favorite days of the year.
Please join us. We can't wait!

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