AGN of Ultron

location 515 Harrison St | 7 PM Friday 17 November (CDT)

We're here to play some games!

Trying to get this sucker out earlier this time. We're aiming for the 18th of November, the weekend BEFORE thanksgiving. Feel free to let me know if another weekend is better.

I may want to try a few rounds of Crossfire again but mostly I'm open to whatever. I'll make sure we have multiple tables available.

Feel free to discuss games in the comments below. If you're bringing something, let us know!

HOT games on the list to be played:

NMBR 9 (1-4p) Ascending Empires (2-4p) Smallworld (2-5p) Cosmic Encounter (3-5p) Dominion (2-4p) Captain Sonar (6-8p)


515 Harrison St

515 Harrison St, West Chicago, IL 60185, USA

map Open in Google maps | Apple maps | Citymapper

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