Nico's Birthday PPP Celebration

Dear friends and colleagues, Please join me to celebrate my birthday next Tuesday, Aug. 6th, at 7.30pm onwards. The celebration will be a PPP one: Pizza, Prosecco and Prestige.

Location: Pool garden of Complex Doral 1 Rue Reimbold, Bourdon Access to the complex is by the former Residence of the Argentinean Ambassador.

Google Maps: 18°32'14.2"N 72°18'20.3"W

In case of rain we’ll move to my house. Partners are most welcome.

Thanks, Nicola

Nicola Magri Spécialiste – Division de Protection Sociale et Santé Tel: +509 2812 5063 Cel. +509 4109 1860 Whatsap. +1 202 509 7270

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