No Man's Land - Mare St screening

location 203-213 Mare St | 7 PM Monday 20 June (GMT)

Documentary screening at Mare Street

Acclaimed New Zealand composer John Psathas, ONZM is leading the creation of a groundbreaking new cinematic performance in commemoration of the First World War. Musicians descended from opposing forces of the Great War will be brought together on the battlefields of WWI in an original composition. These musical collaborations will be fused into a unique 70 minute film, to be projected alongside live musicians on-stage. All musicians, live and virtual, will perform as one epic global orchestra.

The intention is to communicate a simple idea. No Man’s Land presents a powerful opportunity to reflect on the similarities and differences in ourselves between then and now. The way of expressing this idea is by taking musicians to the exact places where, a century ago, soldiers from these same countries were fighting and dying.

No Man’s Land will combine intense musical and visual expression, filmed on-location at the Western, Eastern and Mediterranean fronts, to communicate the idea that such collaborations would have been unthinkable by the warring nations at the time of the conflict. Thus, perhaps, we can hope that nations currently at war will find themselves friends and collaborators in the years ahead.

When a Turkish musician collaborates with a New Zealand, American or Indian counterpart; when Russian, Brazilian, Japanese and German musicians perform together; when French, Austrian and Liberian musicians collaborate; they are bearing witness - often unawares - that those who once fought are no longer enemies. By celebrating positive human connections through music in this unique way, No Man’s Land is an unashamed commitment to optimism.

No Man’s Land will premiere at the 2016 New Zealand Festival and Auckland Arts Festival, followed by a major-centre tour of New Zealand. There are also plans to bring the work to key festivals in other participating countries. A special version of the film, introduced by a presenter, will tour to smaller towns and rural areas throughout New Zealand, in recognition of the sacrifice made by so many of our communities during the war.

A standalone 15-minute version of the film and a 5-minute inspirational promotional film will be made available for use at ceremonies and commemorative occasions. These will be available to embassies, consulates, local councils, museums, institutions and schools.


  • Alastair Parvin

    Designer / civic entrepreneur. Co-founder @WikiHouse Foundation. 00. Working on better housing systems, democratic cities & technology made by and for everyone.




203-213 Mare St

203-213 Mare St, London E8 3QE, UK

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