Notes from Below

location | 7 PM Thursday 02 April (BST)

Workshop series on workers' inquiry

Our next meeting will be a discussion with international groups on the COVID-19 crisis: "Struggle in a Pandemic"

You can join the Join Zoom Meeting for our next session at 7pm (UK time) on the 2nd April:

This will be our first online workshop, after cancelling the upcoming in-person sessions. In our last workshop, we established an email list, which we will be using to discuss this and ongoing workers’ inquiries project. You can join the googlegroup here:!forum/workers-inquiry-workshop - any problems and we can add you directly too.

We have also set up a Workers' Inquiry writing interest form, for workers who would like to write up their inquiry for Notes from Below - it can also be used to apply for the Notes from Below writing grant:

Please do get in touch if you are interested in writing with Notes from Below.

Notes from Below is an online journal that focuses on the topic of work. We use the method of workers’ inquiry, taking inspiration from Marx to find new ways to connect research with organising.

This focuses on giving a voice to workers to describe, analyse, and facilitate changing their own conditions of work. As a method, this involves featuring workers own writing (with support from the editors), hosting leaflets and bulletins, interviews, as well as publishing analytical pieces to accompany these.

The journal develops methods and theory from the class composition tradition of Marxism, which seeks to understand and change the world from the worker’s point of view. We ground the journals politics in the perspective of the working class, help circulate and develop struggles, and build workers’ confidence to take action by and for themselves.

Supported by the Barry Amiel and Norman Melburn Trust, we now have a “workers’ inquiry fund”, providing resources to workers who want to detail their own experiences in the journal. This would pay for travel, expenses, and publication costs to support new worker writing.

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