ODI Tech Team Open House

location 65 Clifton St | 10:30 AM-5 PM Thursday 09 October 2014 (BST)

As part of one of our regular innovation weeks, we at ODI Tech Team are having an open house this Thursday.

Come along to our office in Shoreditch and check out some of the cool things we're working on, and chat to us about open data technologies.

We're always on the lookout for things to work on in future innovation weeks, so if you've got an open data problem that needs solving, please come and let us know.

We will have tea and coffee, and there may also be cake.


  • James Smith

    Building a better future out of code, and standing as MP for Horsham in 2015. Developer at @UKODI, and organiser for @cleanwebuk. Neutral Good.

  • Stuart Harrison

    Web developer, open data bod, homebrewer and baker

  • Jeni Tennison

    ODI, W3C TAG, ODUG, UkGovLD, LOD, PSI, XML, XSLT, XProc, EXSLT, LMNL, DTLL, OBE, mum, geek

  • Sam

    Head of Robots


65 Clifton St

65 Clifton St, London EC2A 4JE, UK

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