Off The Record #2 – "Artists Who Went Solo"

location 64 Theobalds Rd | 7 PM-9:30 PM Tuesday 07 April 2015 (GMT)

Off The Record is a monthly London-based music meetup. The event is centered around making time to listening and appreciating music – specifically, an album in full.

This is our second event so we're still working out the details, but it works something like this: people will arrive, grab food/drinks from the lovely bar and café, and we'll sit back and listen to an entire album together, followed by a group chat about it – yep, a bit like a book club.

The theme

This event: curated by meetup #1 veteran Dylan Smith, we'll be following the theme Artists Who Went Solo. Dylan will be spinning the first solo record released by Morrissey after the Smiths imploded, 1988's Viva Hate.

But wait, there's more! After we've listened to 40 minutes of Manchester's finest, it's over to anyone else who wants to play a single song that fits our theme: Artists Who Went Solo. We're not too strict, but the idea this time is that you'll pick a song by an artist who is/was a member of an existing group, rather than artists who began solo. If you've got an obscure George Harrison b-side or a deep cut by GZA that needs to be heard, now's your time to shine. If it's on Spotify or you have it on a portable device, bring it along and you can tell everyone why you love the song (and the album).

What's this all about?

What's the point? Why not just listen to it beforehand? Well, half-listening to an album while you're grappling for space on the tube or pretending to work at your desk for the last hour of a Wednesday isn't the best way to make time for experiencing a record. We want to try to experiment with putting aside time to engage properly with an album, really devote half an hour or so to taking it in, then hearing what other people thought of it. And discovering new stuff that other people really love. That's the idea.

How much does it cost?

The event is free, but there's a minimum spend behind the bar which I, Matt (your host) will have to cover if we don't reach it. If everyone spends £15 or thereabouts we'll be fine – the food's great and there's a good selection of wine, beer and soft drinks (and good coffee).


  • Dylan Smith

    Canadian by birth, British by passport, and punk by upbringing. Honest marketer.



64 Theobalds Rd

64 Theobalds Rd, London WC1X 8SF, UK

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