Open Knowledge NYC Meetup

location Civic Hall | 6 PM-7 PM Monday 15 June 2015 (EDT)

Establish common ground among similar groups in NYC

Open Knowledge is a nonprofit organization that promotes free culture, including access to open content and open data. Because of its foundation in managing datasets, its broad mission, international community of volunteers, working communication structure, large enough community buy-in, and relative old age without significant scandal, and lack of particular commercial influence, Open Knowledge as a brand could be a common factor through which many more focused communities communicate with each other and exchange ideas.

One unusual aspect of Open Knowledge is that it has had some historical success in assisting people from technical and non-technical backgrounds to meet and collaborate.

<b>In this meeting, participants in any free culture and open knowledge community will introduce themselves and their interest in the trend to more openness and public engagement in shared information.</b> We will review our common need for access to data management at all technical levels, and exchange ideas about how community groups in NYC can increase awareness of each other and similar groups internationally.

Members from the following communities will be in attendance - <ol> <li>BetaNYC</li> <li>Wikimedia NYC</li> <li>Internet Society, New York Chapter</li> <li>Open Street Map</li> <li>Free Culture Foundation</li> <li>Consumer Reports</li> <li>your organization</li> </ol>

The common thread in all of these groups is crowdsourced development of free online nonprofit media. Open Knowledge might be a general banner under which all of these could collaborate.


Civic Hall

156 5th Avenue, New York, NY 10010, United States

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