Open Knowledge Edinburgh meet-up #23

The Institute for Informatics and Digital Innovation at Napier University is generously hosting our March 2017 meet-up.

Lightning talks:

  • Ewan McAndrew: Wikidata: the new Rosetta Stone
  • Lorna Campbell: Accessing Open Research Outputs MOOC — a new course from the University of Edinburgh
  • Daniel Patterson: Modelling bike ridership using crowdsourced and automatic bike count data
  • Ingi Helgason: The MAZI Project
  • Doreen Grove: The Open Government Scotland Action Plan — where we are and where we could go!
  • Ruchir Shah: The OGP as a route for civil society to achieve UN Sustainability Goals

This meet-up is part of a broader effort to effort to grow a community around Edinburgh Open Government and to explore overlaps with Open Knowledge.

Open Knowledge Meet-ups are friendly and informal evenings for people to get together to share and argue all areas of openness. Come and join discussions around open knowledge and open data – from politics and philosophy to practicalities of theory and practice. Information about Open Knowledge Scotland and about some of our past meet-ups can be found at


  • Ewan McAndrew

    Wikimedian in Residence @ University of Edinburgh. English & Media Teaching; Software Development; Libraries; Archives; Film, Travel & Open Knowledge enthusiast

  • Leah Lockhart

    Coordinator, collaborator, guide. Exploring social good enabled by digital things. Digital Engagement Officer with @DemsocScotland

  • Lorna M. Campbell

    Tweets about open education technology, policy & practice, 18th century naval history, and nonsense. Not necessarily in that order.

  • Ruchir Shah

    Head of Policy Dep SCVO ( Project director of Aspiring Alexa DJ. But tweets my own.

  • Daniel Patterson

    Post-graduate student @UofGlasgow using data to understand cycling in cities. Views clearly my own


  • Computing Napier

    School of Computing, Edinburgh Napier University: follow for events, research, innovation, and other highlights.


Edinburgh Napier University, Merchiston Campus

10 Colinton Rd, Edinburgh EH10 5DT, UK

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