Openstreetmap Ibadan Edit-a-thon

location Bodija Zone | 12 PM Saturday 11 March (CET)

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On Saturdayth March we’ll have an Ibadan meet-up in Bodija, Ibadan from 12noon till 4pm.

This event will allow time for you to learn more about mapping using OpenStreetMap and present some interesting use cases using other Open Source Geospatial products to present the data in more interesting ways.

If you want to know more about mapping your community or hacking together the data with other resources - Join us!

Whether you’re a mapper, map user, or just curious, come join us!

Please bring along your laptop

Sign up here on please. It will greatly assist us in logistics planning for the event.

See the <a href="" target="blank">OSGeo Nigeria page </a> for a full list of this and other events.

<b>Things to do ahead of the meet up:</b> Sign up for an <a href="" target="blank">OSM account here.</a>


Bodija Zone

Bodija Zone, Ibadan, Nigeria

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