Orbital Painting Party II - Floor 3

location 155 Rivington Street, FL 3 | 12 PM-4 PM Sunday 04 May 2014 (SST)

Hi folks,

Thanks to the efforts of many of you Floor 2 looks really awesome. Here are a few photos!

So, we'd love to invite y'all back on Sunday for lunch to come check it out.

A number of other folks expressed interest in helping out on Floor 3, so I wanted to let y'all know that we're going to be doing another round of painting this Sunday. Painting work is partly underway on Floor 3, but we could use your help to knock it out.

Note: if you helped us out last week, I seriously just wanted to invite y'all to come check out the fruits of your labor on Floor 2 and to have lunch on me. Y'all have done so much already and I'm optimistic that we'll get a new crew of folks to help us with Floor 3.

Again, mad props to Guri and Nikki for leading the charge here! They are the Boss.

Thank you! Gary

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