Tech for Good?

location Newspeak House | 2:30 PM-7 PM Friday 04 November 2016 (BST)

A community-building event supported by Outlandish

Outlandish are a digital co-op, who this year decided to give away some of their hard-earned income to run a funding program (the Outlandish Fellowship) for grassroots tech for good projects.

Through running this program, a number of fundamental questions arose, such as:

  • What are our shared values?
  • How do we best use resources to promote the change we want to see?
  • How do we define 'good'?
  • Why do accountants find it so difficult to grasp the idea of giving money away?

We’d like to explore these and other related questions with the broader tech for good community both as an input to building the community and to encourage enquiry and discovery. To do this we’re hosting an event to mark the end of the experiment that was the Outlandish Fellowship. This will be a space to discuss, reflect and have your ideas and opinions heard in a group setting.

This will be an interactive event, held by an experienced facilitator - Debbie Warrener - and is designed to bring together and involve anyone who would self-identify as being involved in tech for good, be that as a hacktivist, startup founder, freelance developer, member of a charity/NGO, funding organisation or anyone else missing from this list.

We would especially like to hear the voices of the under-represented in this space, e.g. female / PoC / non-cis developers, and from non-techie people, e.g. activists / campaigners who rely on tech.

We will also hear from members of Outlandish on their experience of setting up the fellowship, why they didn't just spend their surplus on Kickstarter projects, and how sociocracy and tools like Loomio were used in the process.

The event will finish with drinks, while we listen to some rapid talks from the creators of the projects that were funded by the fellowship: Balu, Beehive, CoPitch, Cyclestreets, HelpText and Project Tide.

We really look forward to seeing you there; please direct any questions you have about the event to Matt (


  • Manuela Rotstein

    Product Development, Marketing & Analytics for change #tech4good - Tweets about start-ups, development, refugees and...picture books

  • Giselle Cory

    public policy, #feminism and #techforgood Co-founder of @baluhq

  • Suraj Vadgama

    Design | Development | Product - Passionate about making a positive difference in the world through technology.

  • Cyan Collier

    Father of two, digital health tech tinkerer, cyclist and cynic (not always in that order). Co-founder: @incuna @project_tide

  • CycleStreets

    UK-wide cycle journey planner and photomap: for cyclists by cyclists (Martin and Simon tweeting)

  • Outlandish

    A Co-operative Consortium building websites and data tools for nice people. Based in Finsbury Park. Sociocracy is at the heart of the way we work.



Newspeak House

133 Bethnal Green Rd, London E2 7DG, UK

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